Welcome to Catalonian Pathways

         Welcome to Catalonian Pathways

Catalonian Pathways offer accompanied or unaccompanied all-inclusive walking holidays in the beautiful area of Garrotxa in Catalonia, north-eastern Spain

Where we are

Garrotxa is situated in the north-east of Catalonia, 50 kilometres from Girona (Costa Brava) airport and 120 kilometres from Barcelona (El Prat) airport.  The area has two quite different types of landscape.  In the southern part of Garrotxa can be found more than 40 volcanoes and lava formations, protected by the Parc Natural de la Zona Volcanica de la Garrotxa.  Further north, we find ourselves in Alta Garrotxa, an area declared Espai d’Interes Natural.  Here, we are at the edge of the Pyrenees, in the Prepirineu, and the landscape is more rugged with deep valleys, craggy rockfaces and thick oak forests.

The climate of the Garrotxa area is typical for a medium-altitude mountain area and benefits from its proximity to the Mediterranean.  Daytime summer temperatures tend to be around 27-30oC (about 80-85oF).  In winter, night-time temperatures can fall below freezing.  The landscape of Garrotxa is fresh and lush all year round.  Winter tends to be the driest season. 

Routes are offered year-round and each season gives us its own special characteristics and benefits.  With springtime, we see the freshness of the new season, with many flowers and mild weather.  Summer gives us glorious blue skies and warmth, green mountains and butterflies – with the occasional spectacular storm.  In autumn, we are presented with the changing colours of the forest, fresher temperatures and benefit from an abundance of local produce.  Wintertime provides us with crisp, frosty days with clear blue skies and stunning views of the snow-capped Pyrenees. 

Why choose an organised walking route?

  1. We know the Garrotxa area extremely well and have designed the walking trails to show you some of the most special aspects of this area of Catalonia.  If you choose the accompanied option, your guide will be able to provide you with a whole range of information on the landscape and history as we go along. 

  2. You can relax, knowing that your transport to and from the airport or city (either Girona or Barcelona) is organised, your accommodation is arranged, your luggage is being transferred each day, and we are here to give you 24/7 support during your walking holiday.

  3. Every day of your walking trail – whether accompanied or unaccompanied – we will provide you with a delicious, mid-day picnic, so you have no need to concern yourself with finding – or carrying – food to eat en-route.

  4. If you select an accompanied walking route, there is no need to worry yourself with following maps or GPS.  Instead, you can just relax and enjoy the beautiful trails.

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