Day 7 - Farewell

After a farewell breakfast, the transport arrives to take you to either Girona or Barcelona airports or to either of the city centres, if you have decided to extend your stay in Catalonia for a few more days.

                      Medieval Pathway

                      Medieval Pathway

Medieval Pathway (6 nights, 5 days walking)

This trail begins in Castellfollit de la Roca and travels through Alta Garrotxa, passing medieval and Romanesque villages, churches, ‘ermitas’ (hermitages or sanctuaries) and bridges.  We walk on average 5-7 hours per day, with a lunchtime picnic every day to allow us to rest and top up our energy levels.  The mountains of Alta Garrotxa are formed of limestone.  The scenery is dominated by deep valleys, rising rockfaces and extensive oak forests.  The area is home to a wide range of species of animals, birds and plants. We finish our route in the beautiful and historic town of Besalù. 

Please note that the itinerary is a guide only and it may be necessary to modify the route from that described.

Day 1 – Arrival and welcome

You will be met at the airport or city centre and transferred to the first night’s accommodation in the picturesque town of Castellfollit de la Roca.  The medieval quarter of the town is built on top of an impressive 40-metre high basalt cliff from the top of which we can look across the valley of the river Fluvià and towards the mountains of Alta Garrotxa.  We will enjoy a delicious introductory dinner and have plenty of time to get to know one another and talk about the week ahead.

Day 2 – Garrotxa Mountain Trail

Today we begin our exciting adventure, leaving Castellfollit and heading into Alta Garrotxa.  Our route out from the town gives us some beautiful views of the ´cinglera´ (cliff) on which it is built.  We take a shady path, scented by pine trees and wild rosemary and juniper and then follow an ancient pilgrims' trail until we arrive at a pretty 13th century ermita.  Our picnic gives us some stunning views of Alta Garrotxa and its beautiful mountains and, across the valley, the ermita of Santa Bàrbara de Pruneres.  We continue, until we reach Oix, our destination for the night with its 15th century castle, Romanesque bridge and church, first documented in 937.

Day 3 – Towards the Pyrenees

We climb out of Oix, taking the historic cart road that once joined the town with Beget.  The views of the mountains as we ascend are spectacular  Once we reach the ridge, we follow shady cattle trails and visit a 12th century church, 970 metres above sea-level.  Carrying on, we follow a beautiful trail, until we reach our picnic site at a medieval bridge spanning the Torrent del Salomò.  Refreshed, we take a mountain trail across the valley, until we arrive at Beget, a stunning medieval town, with a Romanesque church, stone houses and two beautiful and well-preserved medieval bridges.

Day 4 – Realm of the Vultures

We leave our accommodation and climb the forest track until we reach a mountain crest from where we have incredible views of the cliffs and valleys so typical of Alta Garrotxa.  Above us tower the peaks of two of the most impressive mountains in the area - Comanegra and Puig de les Bruixes.  We travel along a shady medieval donkey track that, even today, is the only means of bringing provisions to the houses on the mountain side.  We pass by the farmhouses and an 11th century ermita, before stopping to enjoy our picnic overlooking the valley  The afternoon takes us along an exciting mountain pathway, where groups of vultures soar only metres above.  We reach  a small hamlet, whose first written reference is found in 872.  Descending the valley, we arrive at our accommodation for the night, in a pretty, rustic farmhouse.

Day 5 – Deep Valleys and Rising Rockfaces

Leaving our guesthouse, our route takes us to an incredible walled mule track built into the cliff face of the mountain, El Ferran.  The trail leads us to a delightful church, dating from the 10th century.  Descending, we cross the river bed and climb to the other side of the valley, where we pass along a ridge with breathtaking views of the ´cingles´ (cliffs) opposite and El Ferran. After our picnic on the crest of the ridge, we continue along a forest track until we reach an impressive 14th century, single-arch bridge, spanning the river Llierca.  From here, we take a shady trail until we arrive in Tortellá, our destination for the night, with its 13th century temple and the church of Santa Maria.


Day 6 – Land of Medieval Treasures

Making our way across farmland and passing the town of Sales de Llierca and its church of Sant Martì, our walk then takes us through a typical Mediterranean forest of pine, wild rosemary and thyme.  Our picnic is at an open spot that gives us views of the high Pyrenees in the distance and, nearer by, the church of Mare de Déu del Mont, built above us at over 1000 metres.  In the afternoon, we pass along shady forest trails, and visit a medieval church.  We arrive in Besalù, the final stop on our trail and have plenty of time to explore this beautiful town.  The medieval buildings and streets, including its churches, Jewish quarter and majestic Romanesque bridge, are some of the best preserved in Catalonia.  It is the perfect place to end our medieval adventure.  We enjoy a final dinner and share our memories of the beautiful pathways that we have travelled along. 

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